Artist Bio

Kaleb Knowles

Kaleb Knowles is a full time Artist from Atlanta Georgia who is currently based out of the volunteer state of Tennessee. During his time in service, he found the alleviating works of Art Therapy and used it as a source of healing from a Traumatic Brain Injury he suffered.

He paints from a wide range of subject matter, but his primary focuses are on impressionistic florals and landscapes in which he himself creates and teaches on his YouTube channel RavenOakArt.

He is currently a full-time mixed media artist and has had the pleasure of having his Art shown all over the East Coast and sold work as far as overseas.

Kaleb’s distinct style is reminiscent of many legendary landscape artists while still remaining original with his own personal allure. His Favorite artists are Kentaro Miura and John Singer Sargent and has been quoted as saying that their works deeply influenced how he defines what Art is. He also has stated that the thing that he loves most about Art is the escape. There is something about a viewer’s eyes being transported to a canvas seeing a world in which yourself have created knowing that this in fact is different.

  • “If you don’t like the way the World is, Paint a new one.”

                                                             Kaleb Knowles